Patient Safety & Tracking

Naturally, patient safety is one of the highest priorities for hospitals and care facilities. Wearable WiFi badges and special location-triggered messaging software take patient tracking to a higher level. Wristband badges worn by patients communicate directly with staff badges, you just need a reliable WiFi network.

Patient tracking means patients will be able to remain mobile and independent without needing invasive assistance from staff, as well as freeing up caregivers who can now spend more time with patients who actually need assistance.

Using the same techniques as patient tracking is asset tracking. Find out how Asset Tracking can save you money.




Benefits of Patient Tracking

  • Accurate patient movement history and (in)activity status

  • Buttons on badges can be programmed for nurse call

  • Streamline routine workflows and improve patient flow and throughput

  • Communicate to and from badges: text messages and audible reminders

  • Before elopement occurs caregivers are notified

  • Optimal patient visibility at room level (using WiFi network)

  • Guarantee patient safety and independence without surveillance




Over 50% of hospital standards being followed today are based on patient safety.

Quality care and patient satisfaction are getting more important every day.       

Securing Patient Safety

The key to patient tracking is wearable patient badges based on WiFi. Patients wear them around their wrist, so they go wherever the patient goes. These badges can be tracked and viewed through the special tracking software.

This software also tracks the activity and inactivity of the patient wearing the badge and sends alerts based on the levels of (in)activity. Movement history can also be viewed, so a patients routing can be looked up.

Finally, one of the most important functions of patient tracking is for caretakers to receive an alert when the patient leaves the pre-defined restricted zone.

Optimizing Patient Flow

WiFi based patient tracking badges can not only be used to increase patient safety, but also for optimizing patient flow. Track and queue patients between appointments or treatments and reduce their waiting times.

Tracking devices help hospitals and care facilities to improve their intelligence meaning improved patient flow, shorter waiting times and more interaction between patient and staff, eventually driving revenues.






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