Asset Tracking & Management

Hospitals and care facilities around the world get challenged every day with managing thousands of costly, moveable equipment. It is very time consuming and labor-intensive, making it harder and harder to keep track of all their assets and resulting in a significant amount of assets getting lost, stolen or misplaced, intervering with every day productivity.

Research has shown that almost a third of all nurses spend over 1 hour each shift searching for equipment and the average hospital loses about $ 4,000 of equipment per bed per year.

Using the same techniques as asset tracking is patient tracking. Find out how Patient Tracking can improve patient flow.




Benefits of Asset Tracking

  • Always find your assets and categories of assets, location is indicated at room-level

  • Know the status of an asset, is it on or off? Sterilized or not? In use or available?

  • Caregivers have more time for patients when not having to search for assets

  • Security is warned automatically when asset leaves pre-defined zone and prevent theft

  • Optimize your workflow and processes by tracking asset movement history

  • Improve your inventory management




30% of nurses spend a minimum of one hour per shift locating equipement. (Nursing Times, 2009)

Each year, hospitals lose about $ 4,000 per bed because of theft. (VHA Survey, 2010)                                          






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