Patient & Asset Tracking

Improve patient safety and quality asset management

Patient tracking guarantees the safety of patients and helps improve the flow of patients through the hospital or care facility. Asset tracking helps hospitals work more efficiently and cost effective. Nurses don't have to spend time on finding beds and other assets, but can focus on caring for patients. 



Patient Safety & Tracking

Naturally, patient safety is one of the highest priorities for hospitals and care facilities. Wearable WiFi badges and special location-triggered messaging software take patient tracking to a higher level. Wristband badges worn by patients communicate directly with staff badges, you just need a reliable WiFi network. Patient tracking means patients will be able to remain mobile and independent without needing invasive assistance from staff, as well as freeing up caregivers who can now spend more time with patients who actually need assistance.

Time to take patient safety and tracking to a new level!

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Asset Tracking & Management

Hospitals and care facilities around the world get challenged every day with managing thousands of costly, moveable equipment. It is very time consuming and labor-intensive, making it harder and harder to keep track of all their assets and resulting in a significant amount of assets getting lost, stolen or misplaced, intervering with every day productivity. Research has shown that almost a third of all nurses spend over 1 hour each shift searching for equipment and the average hospital loses about $ 4,000 of equipment per bed per year.

Time to start tracking and managing your asset inventories!

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Over 50% of hospital standards being followed today are based on patient safety.

Each year, hospitals lose about $ 4,000 per bed because of theft. (VHA Survey, 2010)






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