Patient Supervision

Supervising high-risk patients 

Supervising patients at a distance? That is what this innovative mobile patient supervision solution does.
When intensive or medium care patients move to wards they often require extra observation to guarantee their safety. For nursing staff this is a time consuming task, specially during evening and night shifts. 
That is why this mobile patient supervision system, LOM (Life Observer Module) was developed. 


  • Nursing assistance
  • Simple one person installation process
  • No physical connection between patient and system
  • Wireless battery operation




About the Mobile Patient Supervision System




The mobile patient supervision system is there to assist the nursing staff. Without any physical contact, nursing staff can track the patient's movements. They can track a patient's breathing or check-up on restless patients and ensuring they have not fallen out of the bed.

Most LOM systems are used to check if patients leave their bed when they are not supposed to. Just think about confused patients who forget about their IV system.


Smooth running wheels help staff easily position the system near the patient's bed. Next the height of the system is adjusted to the patient and the sensor arm is unfolded. The system is ready for use as soon as it is set to the patient's needs.



Wireless Operation

The patient supervision system is completely mobile and wireless. In general the LOM system is powered by a 220 V AC adapter. But it is also fitted with a back up re-chargeable battery system in case of power outage. The system also gives a warning when battery power is critically low.

Wireless Alarm Receiver

The nursing staff carries around a compact wireless receiver that can be linked to one or multiple LOMs. Without a so called repeater the receivers can reach 40 meters. Adding a repeater can highly increase the reach. Developments will soon make it possible to receive alarm messages through hospital smartphones as well.

As soon as the system detects an anomaly it will send a notification to the receiver of the nursing staff. Staff can then check the receiver to locate the notifying LOM. Switching of the alarm can be done on the LOM itself. The system will constantly monitor the patient. Odd movements or no-movements will immediately send out an alarm. The absence of false alarms make it 100% reliable.



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