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A tablet solution is the most low-cost solution when it comes to patient entertainment. It features the same intuitive software as a terminal or TV, just on a smaller screen.
  • Moveable around a room
  • Modern patient entertainment software
  • Economically priced


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Safe Storage

Because a tablet is not mounted to a wall, there is a higher theft risk. To make sure the tablet stays safe when it is not used by the patient, a special safe was developed. This wall mounted locker has a digital pin code combination lock and charging docking. The safe is made entirely of steel and has a durable powder coating finish. The tablet can also be used when docked in the safe. 

A protective silicone case will protect the tablet even more and comes in different colors.  There is no need to take of the case when docking the tablet. The safe and case will protect the tablet both docked and when in use.

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Tablet vs. Terminal and TV

The biggest difference between a tablet solution and a terminal/TV solution is ergonomics. A terminal attaches to an arm, a TV mounts on the wall, but a tablet is free of any mounting components. All three devices use the same software, but a terminal's hardware gives it more features.


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