Hospitality TV Upgrade

Upgrading hospital TV's is a possibility now



To provide hospital patients with as much comfort as possible, a hospital TV is indispensable. It provides patients with entertainment, education and information. Patients don’t want to miss a TV while lying in a hospital bed. But what if current hospital TV’s need to be replaced.

You don’t have to replace all TV’s right away. In some cases it is possible to upgrade old hospital TV’s. Upgrading TV’s requires less investment and the upgrade will probably be executed faster than replacing all TV’s in a hospital.

We are happy to inform you about upgrading hospital TV’s.









TV & Settopbox combination



Current offered hospital TV’s are standard equipped with an internal decoder (settopbox). These so-called smart TV’s can be connected to the internet, allowing the TV to be used as a multimedia device.

Many existing (old) hospital TV’s do not have this functionality yet. However, because smart TV’s are desired by patients, many hospitals would like to make a switch to smart TV’s. Renewal of all hospital TV’s requires a big investment and is not always necessary.

In many cases it is possible to upgrade existing hospital TV’s. Connecting a TV to an external decoder (settop box) creates a multimedia device. This allows patients to use the TV as a smart TV.

Additionally, the TV/set-top box combinations are expanded with desired applications and functionalities. For example, you can choose an all-in-one system for content management and update management. Connectivity with smart devices of guests is also possible.

By upgrading existing hotel TV’s, only the investment for the settop boxes (and possibly the network) is necessary. The renewal of the TV itself can be done later.

For example, a few years later, when the TVs are no longer functioning properly. Hospitals do not have to make a big investment at once, but can spread the investment over a few years.




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