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Hospitals are having a hard time. Care costs increase while the hospitals incomes decrease. More and more people need care while fewer people are able to provide care. And due to increasing competition, every hospital must present its unique selling points as well as possible. Hospitals need to remain attractive for (future) patients.

Patients do thorough research before choosing a hospital. They compare facilities like hospital shops, restaurants and entertainment with each other. And visit the hospital that suits them most. Education, information and entertainment, hospital TV offers it all. Hospitals with modern TV’s are therefore more likely to be chosen by patients. A good hospital TV consumes as little maintenance, time and costs as possible. At most hospitals this is unfortunately not the case.

Hospitals who are stuggling with their current TV solution, can probably use some tips:







Good Hospital TV's Have...



Manageable costs

High maintenance costs for different systems in hospitals are often unclear and ask for control. The cost of a good hospital TV is clear and manageable. So hospitals can move their focus on to other important things.

Hardware & Software from renowned parties

Strong and long-term relationships with partners are very important. Thus, hospitals are assured of reliable solutions and good service. Working with renowned parties, a long-term partnership is guaranteed.

Simple System Management

Uniform system management puts less pressure on ICT and facility departments, reducing costs. All systems can be controlled from a central point for convenience and efficiency. Easily and quickly managed systems are of great importance.

Personalizable software

The content of smart hospital TV’s is personalizable. A welcome page for patients is a small detail with a big effect. In addition, hospitals can set up their smart TV’s as extensive as they like.

Added Value

Being in a hospital, patients expect the same comfort they have at home. A smart hospital TV complies with that expectation, because patients can use BYOD. Since they can stream their own pictures and movies it gives them the comfort of home.

Opportunities for sales

Hospital TV can be used as a sales channel. By offering movie-on-demand, advertising or selling hospital-based products, hospitals are having return on investments.








Standard Hospital TV, TV/Settopbox Combination or Smart Hospital TV

Your choice!



Hospitals are more than ever looking to provide patients with the best care and service. A better patient environment contributes to a rapid recovery. This reduces the patient's duration of admission. Hospital rooms are therefore increasingly starting to look like hotel rooms, to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Not too long ago, bedside terminals flooded the market. However, today's preference is being taken to hospital TV’s. These specially designed TV’s are an affordable alternative to terminals, with a favorable ROI. Hospital TV’s give patients a certain level of comfort, like they have at home. This improves the overall patient experience. 

Standard Hospital TV

Non smart hospitality TV’s are standard TV’s which cannot be connected to the internet. It is a TV like you have at home. Programs and movies can be watched and a DVD player or game machine can be connected. Standard hospital TV’s however, have some adjustments. For example, the remote control is controlled to be compatible with only one TV. For example, the signal from the neighbors is not disturbed when a hospital patient uses the remote control.

TV/settop box combinations

Many hospitals have outdated standard TV solutions that do not work optimally. New smart TV’s are often a wish that can only be fulfilled in the future. However, by combining existing TV’s with settop boxes, multimedia solutions can be created. Upgrading an existing hospital TV is often more beneficial then renewing all hospital TV’s. Read more +

Smart hospital TV

A smart TV can be connected to the Internet via WiFi, your own network or a network cable. These TV’s have some standard applications (apps). Additionally, desired apps can be installed on to the TV. For example, many hospitals choose to add apps about health or movement to the assortment. A patient can then use the apps for entertainment or as an information and education tool.

A smart TV can show much more than just programs. Smart hospitality TV’s are advanced patient entertainment systems and provide patient distraction. They can communicate with the home front, view their own photos and videos and visit their own Netflix account. However, a hospitality smart TV is not the same as a smart TV at home. The software makes the difference. A smart hospital TV works with a content management system (CMS) specially developed for the hospitality industry.





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