Medical Wearables

Wearable health technology devices

Medical wearables set a new standard in continuous real-time monitoring as patients travel through the full care cycle. Wearable devices allow for mobile and simple patient monitoring within the hospital, during transport and after discharge. 




How It Works

The CareTaker medical wearable device is an innovative patient monitoring solution. This medical wearable uses only a simple finger cuff to measure a whole range of physiological parameters. CareTaker checks vital signs like beat-by-beat blood pressure and heart rate in a safe, secure and accurate way.  

Data Collection

The medical wearable starts measuring vitals as soon as the finger cuff and wrist unit are attached to the patient. The data can then be viewed on a tablet or nurse's station or send directly into the patient's EMR

CareTaker's Bluetooth radio also allows it to collect data from other Bluetooth devices such as glucometers, weight scales and thermometers. 

This medical wearable device enables healthcare staff to quickly respond and intervene to a patient's changing health conditions.





FDA Approved Technology

The wearable's FDA approved finger cuff and Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology allows clinicians to monitor a patient's vitals, pressure waveforms and historical trends. Non-invasively and from any location.

Multi-mode radios are integrated in the CareTaker to transmit data over secure cellular networks or via Bluetooth devices. Therefore, there is no need to implement complex communications or connectivity networks. 

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