Geni-Tec Wireless Medical Power System

Most medical cart systems charge in designated locations or work on batteries. A special power module ends this inflexible way of charging and provides an uninterrupted power supply.

The Geni-Tec offers a new standard in power delivery and charging. The mobile power system and its unique and beautiful design introduce a new level of performance and safety. 




Geni-Tec Battery Module

The Geni-TecTM power system is designed by Bytec Medical and is an award winning power solution. They are not just suitable for Bytec's own range of medical carts. Geni-Tec is a stand alone power system for the healthcare industry. 

The system can be used for a number of purposes. It can supplement existing module power, provide an uninterrupted power supply and can mobilize static equipment.

Geni-Tec power system comes with a networked power management system. This allows for asset management and performance monitoring. Even when the module is in service. It also provides performance logging. The battery module is fitted with a sturdy carrying handle which makes it very durable and suitable for the healthcare market.

Key Features
  • Easy antibacterial cleaning
  • Online management system
  • Charge modules while equipment is in use
  • "Snap and Go" module changes


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Geni-Tec Chargers

The Geni-Tec chargers are part of the innovative and unique Geni-Tec Power system. The battery system can be used on Bytec's workstations and device stands, but can be used as a standalone power system in a healthcare environment as well. 

Geni-Tec Chargers charge the Geni-Tec battery modules. Each module is detachable and is charged remotely using a single 2-bay or 4-bay charger.

The networked power management offers asset management and performance monitoring. Installation of the Geni-Tec Chargers is easy and quick and the system seamlessly fits in any healthcare environment. 

Key Features
  • Standalone 'Hot-Swappable' dual pack system
  • Power system product of the year 2013
  • Quick 'Snap and Go' module changes
  • Ergonomic, light weight and portable


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