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Medical Tables, Medical Carts and Power Systems

Medical carts help hospitals and other care facilities mobilize their equipment. There are many options and varieties available on today's market. With or without keyboard, wired or wireless power and height requirements are elements to consider.





Medical Carts: Workstations & Device Stands

Healthcare applications that require a portable PC solution benefit from a mobile medical cart. They come in different model configurations like workstations and device stands, that have specific features. The carts can be used in hospitals and other medical environments. They are used for bedside applications, dental and healthcare environments, operating theaters and the ICU. 

Mobile medical carts are designed to be infection control friendly. All surfaces and materials on the cart can be cleaned quickly and effectively, as all surfaces are smooth and seamless. The carts can be adjusted in height, are lightweight for easy moving and equipment can be locked.

Key Features

  • Easy cleaning on the go
  • Light weight design for easy mobility
  • Height adjustable
  • Small footprint for space saving


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Geni-Tec Wireless Medical Power System

Most medical cart systems charge in designated locations or work on batteries. A special power module ends this inflexible way of charging and provides an uninterrupted power supply

The power modules can be mounted almost anywhere providing portable battery power for mobile medical carts. They charge in docking stations so they can be swapped when needed. 

These power modules are ergonomic and lightweight for easy 'Snap and Go'. An indicator shows the level of charge of the module. The smooth design make them easy to clean with hospital disinfectants or water. 

Key Features

  • Easy antibacterial cleaning
  • "Snap and Go" module changes
  • Charging while using equipment
  • Remote battery monitoring system


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