Android Based Healthcare Software

Android based Healthcare Software transforms new and existing HD Ready Hospital TVs into an affordable IP-TV platform. IP-TV software works with almost every TV device, such as bedside terminals, TVs and tablets, making it perfect for a combined hardware solution.

Key Features
  • Low cost upgrade for new or existing Hospital TVs to IP-TV
  • Works seamlessly on a Coax RF and IP Networks
  • Utilises existing internet infrastructure (Wi-Fi/LAN)
  • Provides users with the flexibility to watch their favorite programs at any time
  • Provides direct and focused presentation of in-house services
  • Provides a new platform that offers powerful and exciting marketing opportunities
  • Adds additional revenue possibilities by offering movies and a more extensive internet experience
  • Delivers services around a centralized management of personalised content 
  • Provides an in-room Wi-Fi hub and a private Guest Access Point







This software delivers

  • Multilingual functionality
  • IPTV, VOIP, Internet, VOD
  • Music, Audio books, Radio, E-Mails, Messenger, Games, Video chat
  • Room control
  • Hospital information, Internal messaging,
  • Internal video chat
  • Clinical applications
  • Link to medical records

Designed within a Cloud based architecture

  • Multimedia services
  • Client details, client profiles
  • Billing information
  • POS, GUI and Client maintenance
  • Standard multimedia applications
  • Bespoke healthcare applications

Management Console

  • End User configurable
  • Page/feature configuration tools
  • Client connectivity
  • Terminal monitoring
  • API for application development 




Multi Lingual

  • Adaptable for most languages
  • Translation of master English text file
  • Languages text stored in the ICE application server database
  • Google translation integrated in the ICE application server
  • Finalisation of translation text
  • Languages can be add/edit using ICE server admin
  • You can insert new language with help of ICE 

View Bill

  • Account details and usage details stored in billing database
  • Patient must be able to view their account
  • Usage/credit available

Roaming Account

  • Using the smartcard, patients can use any of the bedside terminals
  • Phone number and profile will carry in patients' smartcard

Billing Admin

  • Create a billing profile (TV list, VOD list, phone tariff, Internet, audio and games)
  • Create a package OR bundle OR individual service
  • Assign a tariff for packages OR bundle OR individual service

Tariff Manager

  • Client always interacts with tariff manager before starting the service
  • Tariff manager gets the pricing details from the database and sends to client

POS (Point Of Sale) Client

  • POS system connects to the billing server module
  • Create/modify/delete 
  • Pre-paid OR post paid account based on packages or bundles
  • Card vending/credit balance
  • Reporting and printing receipts

Card Management

  • Create a unique ID for the card
  • Connect customer name and address to that ID
  • Customer information is stored in the billing database 

Billing Service

  • Interact with billing service for validating the card ID or service account
  • Billing service checks the card ID or service account validity
  • Handles POS requests and other modules' request



Hospital Applications

Meal Ordering

  • Third party meal ordering (order given to kitchen from bedside)
  • Local install meal ordering software OR connect to local web server using internet browser
  • Daily menu display. Can add daily or weekly menu in the server and display it on bedside terminal           

Service/Nurse Call

  • Internal audio / video call 
  • Internal messaging


Hospital Services

  • Patient access to info services
  • Hospital access via secure access control
  • Hospital local information, patient medical education videos 
  • Medical information documents and patient feedback.


Patient Records

  • Connecting to patient records using bedside terminal.
  • Third party software  installable (VM ware player, Citrix client, terminal server client and others)
  • Secure authentication devices (RFID, smartcard and Biometric)


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