Wall Mount Bracket

This short medical wall mount bracket mounts displays, keyboards and other data entry solutions to walls. The mounting solution is specifically designed for healthcare environments. 
Its design makes adjusting the height and angle of the display and keyboard effortless. This means the device can always be placed in the most ideal position for both staff and patients.




  • Low profile compact mounting system 
  • Smooth profile for easy antibacterial cleaning
  • No wires - integrated cable management
  • Height adjustable, no bending
  • Keyboard mount, adjustable in height and angle
  • Central handle bar for extra grip and support 




The design of this wall mount bracket is focused on keeping a low profile. This makes the mounting solution discrete. It is perfect for use in healthcare environment as its smooth contours allow for easy cleaning. Helping with infection control.


Installation of this wall mount bracket is easy and quick. All wires are stored inside the solution with its integrated cable management system. This cable system also ensures an uncluttered work area.