Table Mount

The table mount solution is a perfect combination between a table for patient convenience and a mounting system for a patient device. The solution is easy to use and benefits both patients and staff.
This medical table is easy to move around and can be positioned next to the bed or over the bed. It is a fully functional table top as well as a flexible mounting solution.




  • 15.6 inch and 18.5 inch display options
  • Hot swap battery power system
  • Height adjustment possible
  • Anti bacterial surface for easy cleaning
  • High reliability
  • Unique display mounting solutions
  • Easy maneuverability 



Patient Benefits

The table mount solution offers benefits to patients in two ways. First the healthcare display offers easy ways to communicate with friends and family, enjoy entertainment services and educational materials and make service requests. Next to that, the table function offers great flexibility. It is easy to move around and position so patients can use to table from there bed as well. Without having to sit on the edge of the bed.

Staff Benefits

The table mount solution is fitted with an innovative power system. This power system makes the solutions mobile and operational 24/7, without wires. Staff can quickly deploy the medical table in inpatient and outpatient healthcare environments. This ensures connected mobility throughout the hospital.