Arms & Mounting

Mounting solutions and medical arms

When choosing a bedside terminal or TV solution for your hospital or care facility, there are different arms to attach them to and different mounts to install the arm to the building.

Patient Care Solutions supplies Folcrom arms for renovation, replacement and new build projects. Folcrom produces a 1-on-1 replacement arm for JAOtech's ARCOS 1000 arm (the FX100), as well as a modernized version (the FX500). The FX500 has similar measurements and is suitable for terminals from JAOtech, Remedi, Barco, Advantech, Onyx and Flytech and for most tablets.





A-Frame Arm

The A-frame monitor arm is shaped like the letter A. It is attached to a wall box mounted to a wall. It was specifically developed for healthcare environments. It integrates seamlessly with point of care solutions located at the patients' bedside.

It offers a 1500 mm reach and very high vertical movement. Its balance is perfect and re-positioning is quick and easy. Wiring is built into the monitor arm, not pulled through. This allows for use of cabling with large connectors, like HDMI, without modification.

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Short Medical Arm

This versatile short adjustable medical arm supports a range of weights. The gas-assisted springs ensure effortless movements. The arm also comes in a lockable version.

Cords and cables are not a problem with this arm as it features integrated cable management. This means the arm's surrounding area is always clean and tidy. 

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Wall Mount Bracket

This short medical wall mount bracket mounts displays, keyboards and other data entry solutions to walls. The mounting solution is specifically designed for healthcare environments. 

Its design makes adjusting the height and angle of the display and keyboard effortless. This means the device can always be placed in the most ideal position for both staff and patients.

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Table Mount

The table mount solution is a perfect combination between a table for patient convenience and a mounting system for a patient device. The solution is easy to use and benefits both patients and staff.

This medical table is easy to move around and can be positioned next to the bed or over the bed. It is a fully functional table top as well as a flexible mounting solution.

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Mounting Solutions



Light Wall Mount

Strengthened Wall Mount



Ceiling Mount



Nightstand Mount



Ceiling Mount Settop Box and TV






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