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5 EHR Trends to Expect in 2016 and Beyond

09-03-16 -

Electronic Health Records are essential for both patients and healthcare providers. What trends can we expect in 2016 and beyond?

The History of Patient Entertainment Systems

01-03-16 -

Patient Entertainment Systems have gone through massive changes. About 20 years the only form of entertainment patients had was a simple TV.

How e-Health Empowers Patients and Healthcare Providers

23-02-16 -

e-Health technology is empowering patients through patient generated health data. But how does e-Health benefit healthcare providers? Find out.

Improving Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals

16-02-16 -

Higher satisfaction scores, happier staff and a healthier community. All results of focusing on improving patient satisfaction. But where to start?

5 Ways Interactive Patient Systems Activate and Comfort

08-02-16 -

Interactive Patient Systems are not just there to entertain patients during their hospital stay. They helps hospitals achieve higher efficiency and better patient satisfaction levels. How?

How Healthcare Devices Improve Patient Experience

02-02-16 -

Healthcare devices don't only entertain patients. They help them communicate, empower and educate them. Discover how medical devices can help your hospital improve patient experience.

6 Healthcare Technology Trends that Re-shape our Healthcare

26-01-16 -

We live in an exciting era. Technology changes our lives every day. We have put together a list of the most influential healthcare technology trends. Opportunities and challenges in mind.

Why Cable TV is not a Patient Entertainment System

21-01-16 -

A modern extensive patient entertainment system has never been more important. Why do patients not accept a simple cable TV anymore? And how do Patient Entertainment Systems improve satisfaction?

Benefits of Healthcare IT Solutions for Patients, Staff and Visitors

03-11-15 -

Patients are pickier than ever. Of course quality care is still high on the list, but comfort might be just as important. Just excellent healthcare is not enough anymore. How do Healthcare IT solutions benefit patients, doctors and visitors of healthcare facilities?

Timeline: The Evolution of Patient Entertainment

05-10-15 -

What different steps have patient entertainment systems taken over the last couple of years? Find out.

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