Improving Patient Satisfaction in Hospitals

Patiënt Tevredenheid

16-02-2016 - Higher satisfaction scores, happier staff and a healthier community. All results of focusing on improving patient satisfaction. But where to start?

Patient satisfaction has become a great focus of many hospitals and care facilities. A satisfied patient will feel more in control of their health situation and is more likely to stick to the care plan. In many cases this will automatically mean a quicker recovery and less risk to the healthcare system. But how can make patients happier and more satisfied? 

Interactive care is becoming the # 1 focus point of hospitals. Care should not just be one way, but should be a joint effort of care staff and patient. Using interactive patient systems gives the ability to not only offer bedside entertainment, but educate patients as well. Research has shown that offering patient education boosts patient satisfaction by 42%

Next to interactive patient care, what else can be done to positively influence patient satisfaction scores?


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