4 Benefits of Computer on Wheels Solutions in Healthcare

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19-04-2016 - Wondering which benefits computer on wheels solutions can offer your healthcare organization? Get inspired by these 4 benefits!

In every healthcare setting, the cost for delivering quality healthcare is rapidly increasing. The rise in expenses is not only a concern for patients and insurance companies, but for healthcare providers too. Large academic hospitals, outpatient facilities and private clinics are all experiencing higher costs for equal or less quality care.

Every stakeholder benefits from reducing costs and increasing the quality of valuable patient services. Since integrating technology is proven to be a great way to reduce costs and work efficient, we see many healthcare organizations budgeting for supporting technology in their organization. Investing in technology like EHRs (Electronic Health Records) and technical equipment provides healthcare organizations with great benefits, but it also comes with several challenges. 

Technology is rushing into our lives and our work area. Implementing technology in healthcare organizations is no different. One day you are working on paper and the next day everything you do is electronic.

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations are rushing to adapt EHRs in their current workflow to enjoy federal funding and efficient workflows. It’s a challenge to keep up with all changes technology brings.

Another challenge lies with the medical staff. Dedicated and hardworking people who are not used to working electronically in their day to day job. Their challenge is to learn how to use new healthcare systems and hardware. As well as figuring out how to integrate this in their daily activities while also maintaining the high level of patient care. 

Meeting expectations and solving challenges in healthcare technology are challenges on their own. This can be addressed by seamless technology integration into the workflow of healthcare staff. Technology needs to be an integral part of care staffs’ daily job to effectuate acceptance. 

For rapid integration, healthcare institutions can turn to mobile devices, also known as mobile carts or computers on wheels. They are proving to be the preferred IT solution in point of (health) care settings.



But why are computer on wheels solutions perfect for healthcare organizations?




1 – Flexible and Compact



Caregivers’ mobile work activities need flexibility and ask for technology in every room. Computers on wheels have the ability to move from room to room and can go wherever the staff goes. This allows a single computer to operate in many locations around the hospital. There is no need to place a computer in every room and this will save space. 

Also, since the mobile carts are wireless, they can go wherever the caretaker wants to take them. Special medically approved batteries will keep the computer on wheels running all day.

When one of the batteries is almost empty, the staff can 'swap' the battery with one that has been charged in the charging station. A few charging stations spread across the hospital will take up less space than a collection of spare medical carts docked to charge. 


2 - Save Time



Mobile carts integrate healthcare technology at the patient’s bedside, allowing caregivers to enter patient data in real time. This saves crucial time and allows caregivers to do more necessary tasks in the same time.

It also reduces the need for caregivers to remember detailed patient information. Usually they write information down and enter this in a static computer when they have time. Using the mobile cart, they can enter data right on the spot, saving time and preventing errors.

This way they only process data once an cannot forget to do it at a later time. 


3 - Improving Safety



Caregivers take care of many patients and need to  do this in a short amount of time.

They collect incredible amounts of data and time pressure may result in unreadable handwriting. Mobile carts can improve patient safety because they drop the possibility of losing unreadable notes since data is entered right away. All together there is less room for errors. 

Entering patient data in real time, helps keeping data clear and save.


4 - Care Improvement



When healthcare providers make patients a part of the 'care triangle' they improve patient engagement and create better healthcare outcomes. 

Mobile technology encourages patients to be involved in their own health and makes them feel part of the whole process. Bedside screens on medical carts, or mounted on the wall, help caregivers maintain eye contact with patients and supports data sharing with patients as well.

Medical carts complement caregivers’ and care staff’s workflow. Allowing them to spend more time caring for patients instead of remembering important information and hurrying to get things done.

Since the computers on wheels have a good ergonomic design they will further benefit the care team and reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

Computer on wheels solutions offer great value to patient - caregiver interactions. But that’s not all. Instant HER access, fewer workplace injuries, space saving and reduced data entering errors are just a few more benefits of mobile technology. Computers on wheels benefits everyone, making them a solid healthcare investment.




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